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Get the world winking at you!

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About Us

We are your one stop beauty destination for all things fabulous. Whether it is a hair transformation or a soothing massage. We have got everything to make you look and feel amazing.


WINK's mission is to innovate and redefine beauty standards, fearlessly pushing boundaries. It  represents a new era marked by quirkiness, playfulness, and a willingness to challenge conventions.WINK, the pioneering premium-luxury salon boutique in Chennai, owes its inception to Ms. Valli Priyadharshini and Ms.Sarayu. With extensive exposure to top-notch beauty artists and hairstylists, their aesthetic vision led to the creation of this unique establishment.


WINK isn't just a salon; it's an experience in itself, inviting you to indulge and pamper yourself. Are you ready to treat yourself to the WINK experience?

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Hands & Feet




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Style Squad

They have worked on exclusive photoshoot projects for actors like Priya Anand & Ashok Selvan. Some other celebrities they’ve worked on include Anirudh Ravichander, Surya, Bruna Abdullah, Kajal, Karthi, Siddarth, Andrea Jeremiah, Madhavan & Udhayanidhi Stalin.

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