10 Benefits of Getting a Monthly Facial for Men

benefits of getting a monthly facial for men

Why don’t you Pamper Yourself?

Men should learn to go to a salon for themselves rather than being an accompaniment or being there for a haircut. Most men never look at other services in the salon rather than the services relating to haircuts and shaving. This condition should change; you are a sign of change if you’re reading this.

Facials are not just meant for a particular gender or a particular occasion. It should be part of a person’s skincare routine and followed ritually for better results.

So today, in this article, we will go through a series of benefits a person experiences in facials, a simple but essential part of any person’s skincare routine. Here are a few reasons to try out facials.

Treat Yourself Well

1. Exfoliate your Skin

exfoliate your skin

“The outer layer of the epidermis gets replaced a thousand times in a person’s lifetime,” says the National Library of Medicine. While most skin cells turn into dust, some live in the face as dead skin cells.

Those dead skins need to be exfoliated using a scrub. However, one can try it simply in the comfort of your house. An esthetician gets to learn your skin type and perform a facial to suit your skin’s needs. 

2.  Even Tone

even tone

It is not uncommon to see someone with an uneven skin tone caused by overexposure to the sun, aging, or even hormonal changes. 

Though this might not sound alarming to most men, the subtle drop in confidence one might face is easily fixed with a regular facial.

3. Under Eyecare

under eyecare

No one can escape the dark circle; it is part of the modern-day lifestyle. If you can’t remember when you didn’t have dark circles, you should take it as a sign and get a facial. 

Apart from promoting good blood flow all around the face, a facial has the necessary ingredients to heal the gentle skin under your eye.

Maintaining a skincare routine post-facial is essential to preserve and protect your skin.

4. Facial Mask

facial mask

One of the many advantages of going to a salon is that the professional will understand the particulars of your skin and suggest facial masks accordingly.

And facial masks work wonders for the skin as they hydrate and refine skin pores.

Immortals do that

1. Prevents Aging

prevents aging

Aging is a natural process in which our skin loses its ability to produce collagen. And collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found in the skin, bones, hair, muscle, ligaments, and tendons. 

The role of collagen is that it prevents the skin from sagging. Through lotions, face masks, and massages, cell regeneration, and collagen development are induced to help the skin revive its lost glory.

Regular facials can also tighten your skin and help you look younger than you are.

2. Boost Absorption

boost absorption

Men, at the very least, apply oil on their face after a shave, or some even apply face creams and sunblocks.

But whatever the skin care products men buy, with too much dead skin in between, the products that a man applies can only work wonders with a proper facial.

Facial exfoliates your skin’s dead layers by slowly peeling off with chemical peel, thus naturally making the skin soft and smooth.

Having smooth and soft skin is not just to make the whole shaving process more manageable. But also to let the skin breathe and absorb nutrients.

So regular facials will also help your skincare routine. 

3. Promotes Blood Flow

promotes blood flow

Giving yourself expert care when dealing with your face is the best decision a man should make for himself.

Facials can improve blood flow in the face and help carry more nutrients promoting the growth of new cells and collagens. In turn, this translates to a better glow in the face.

Mind Matters Too

1. Reduces Stress

reduces stress

Getting a facial is a pleasant experience, and one should take advantage of the opportunity to relax. 

In a facial, a professional would move around the various pressure points available in your face and activate it.

This entire process would uplift a person’s mood and reduce anxiety levels. One can sense the difference in their emotional state after a good facial. Thus getting a monthly facial would be psychologically helpful for any person. 

So men should be okay with trying out a facial if they feel the benefits are not as appealing as they are.

Your Skin Can Glow

1. Opens Pore

opens pore

Open pores are a sign of healthy and glowing skin. Still, due to pollution in any given major city, it is easy for a man to clog his pores with more dirt, bacteria, UV radiation, and other radical pollutants in the air. 

These accumulated pollutants in the face could clog up a person’s skin. It could cause acne and pimples.

Further, if you ever try to pinch your pimple or acne, you might risk scarring your skin.

So an excellent way to prevent scarring is to prevent oneself from getting pimples and acne in the first case.

Facials are known for their deep cleansing property. It clears all the clogged-up pores free from pollutants.

2. Detoxification


Just as the body regularly needs detoxification, so does our face. Apart from cleansing and everyday facewash, a man needs to detoxify his face in a salon occasionally.

In a salon, using natural herbs and antioxidants, sea salts, and oils, the professional would help our face to be radiant. These benefits are possible with consistent visits to the salon.

Matter for the Mind to Remember

Avoid getting a facial if you have bruises, cuts or burns on your face.
Avoid going in the sun without sunblock or sunscreen.
Do a patch test before a facial to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients.
Inform the professional if you are allergic to any products or if you are on any medications.
Do not go to any random salon you find in the streets, as a facial requires the touch of a professional who is well-seasoned in reading the customer’s requirements.

Uncover Radiant Skin with Wink Salon’s Monthly Facials for Men

Wink is a high-end, premium-luxury boutique salon that offers its customers sophisticated skincare solutions to personalized hair designs.

The brainchild of Samantha, who has years of exposure in the media industry, has finally decided to give her luxury ideas to the people.

Wink Salon facial is not just for cleaning; they have raised the bar by offering personalized facials that give what the skin needs. They offer more than a dozen facials ranging from quick 30 minutes up to hour-long facials for a better rejuvenating process that suits the requirement of the skin.


Giving an expert a chance has several vast benefits. It is time for men to try out a facial at a luxurious salon and get themselves treated well.


1. Can men shave after a facial?

Shaving is a form of exfoliation; if you get a facial in the morning, it is wise to shave the night before. If you get a facial in the evening, shaving early in the morning is wise.

2. How should a man prepare for a facial?

The products used for facials in luxury salons are safe and would help your beard look more glowing and healthy. So if you already have a beard, you do not have to shave to get a facial. But if you feel like shaving, do it the night before the facial. 

3. Should a man get a facial before the Wedding?

If you regularly get a facial, then carrying out the routine is good for maintaining a healthy face. But if you want to try it for the first time, it is wise to have a patch test worked out beforehand to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient. 

4. How do I maintain my face after a facial?

Do not touch your skin, do not shave, or even sneak in a workout. After a facial, your pores are open, and your skin is sensitive, and it is better to wait a day or two, depending on your skin’s sensitivity.  

5. Can I wash my face after a facial?

Do not use regular soap to wash your face immediately after a facial. Wait at least a day before using any other products, as your face needs time to absorb all the nutrients from the products.