20+ Best Hairstyles For Engagement Ceremony



With many various styles, you can experiment with different hairstyles. One primary reason to have a good hairstyle is to enhance your beauty. With a proper hairstyle, a look is complete. Having the right hairstyle for the outfit is essential—different hairstyles suit different outfits, depending on the occasion. 

A proper and perfect look on the big day will be a dream for most out there. So many of them tend to get confused about what to pair up with, as so many options exist. This article gives an idea and suggests 20+ best hairstyles for engagement ceremony. Before choosing the hairstyle, one must know their face type and shape to choose accordingly.

20+ Best Hairstyles For Engagement Ceremony

1. Side-part elegancy:


This side-parted hairstyle gives a graceful and elegant look which is perfect for getting a traditional look—this suits best for outfits like a saree, lehenga and even a long gown. This is an ideal style if you do not want to do much and have a simple hairstyle.

2. Volumized half straight-parted:


This style is flawless for having a traditional look and one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony. It is one of the perfect hairstyles that match the core with a traditional silk saree. You can pair up a piece of traditional tikka jewelry to get a royal look. This volumized half straight-part is usually plaited to get the visualized look.

3. Straight-parted with a side plait:


Straight-parted with a side plait is the best hairstyle to get with a saree, half-saree, or lehenga on your engagement ceremony. The straight parted hair looks pretty and suits well for a round-shaped face. This is one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony.

4. Fishtail braid with a side twist:


A fishtail braid with a side twist is the best hairstyle to have a different style than the regular conventional braid. One with long or medium-length hair can try this hairstyle with ethnic outfits, which gives a stunning outlook.

5. Classy hairline highlight:


This style gives a classy and elegant look. This particular hairstyle goes well with any grand outfit, like a saree, lehenga, or long gown. It gives a traditional look with a touch of modernism. This is one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony.

6. Bouncy back:


The bouncy back hairstyle suits the one with straight hair better than the one with curly hair. The hair’s top to the middle part will be smooth and straight, and the bottom part will be bouncy with slight curls to get that bounciness. A coloured gypsophila Veni uplifts the look.

7. Simple back braid:


This is the perfect hairstyle if you are opting for a traditional look. This gives you a simple and graceful look. The simple back braid suits best for traditional attire like a saree.

8. Layered front with a loop bun:

layered-front-with-a-loop bun

The front section of the hair is side-wise parted, and a layer with different styles is created in this hairstyle—the first layer with a hair twist and the second layer with a broad plait. This hairstyle is completed with a loop bun at the back. This hairstyle uplifts one’s look and goes well with a lehenga.

9. French Tail with an orchid veni:


The french tail gives volume to the hair. The coloured orchid veni gives a sophisticated look, and this hairstyle goes well with any outfit, from a saree to a lehenga or gown. This is one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony.

10. The messy bun:


This is one of the most popular hairstyles among brides and to-be brides. This particular hairstyle gives a modernized and chic outlook. It goes better with a modern outfit than the conventional one.

11. The fishtail bun:


The glamorous fishtail bun gives a dramatized yet modern look, and this is an ideal hairstyle for an outfit like a long gown or flawless dress. This hairstyle completes the perfect evening time ceremonies look.

12. The loop plait:


The loop plait hairstyle will never go out of this particular style, and they add the effect of luxury and give a flawless, gorgeous look. This hairstyle goes perfectly with both modern and traditional outfits.

13. Net plait:


This net plait is the trending style in the wedding season. It is the perfect hairstyle for a traditional silk saree. Small flowers like jasmine are tied up like a net and wrapped around the regular braid. Adding traditional hair accessories uplifts the look.

14. The fish tail with a flower bun:


Having a braid and a flower bun is a different combo that syncs perfectly and gives a stunning result. It goes well with an ethnic outfit like a saree or lehenga. One cannot move eyes from the long plaited fishtail braid, which is the perfect hairstyle to steal the event.

15. Pullout top with the fully covered flower bun:


One should try this style for the perfect traditional yet modern outlook. This creative hairstyle creates volume to the hair. It suits perfectly for any hair length and type. The bun, which is covered in flowers, gives a balanced look. This is one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony.

16. The inward tail:


The inward tail is the best style to try to bring out classiness. One can pair it up with traditional accessories and English flowers like an orchid. The fusion acts as the statement of the styling.

17. Carefree curls:


It is the most classic and feminine look, which goes well with any non-conventional outfit. It is a perfect hairstyle for lehenga, sharara and even for dresses. It is a versatile style which suits all lengths of hair.

18. Dutch tail with full-circle veni:


One of the simple yet elegant styles is the dutch tail with full-circle veni. It creates a neat look; one can try it with any ethnic outfit. The pattern brings out the beauty and style of the hairstyle. This is a classic style to try on the big day.

19. The crown braid:


The most versatile style is the crown braid hairstyle. The loose strands create the effect of waterfalls at the bottom level of the hair, and the braid which covers the forehead creates a look of a crown. This hairstyle goes well with unconventional outfits.

20. The traditional bun:


The traditional bun gives the perfect ethnic look, the perfect combo with a traditional silk saree. Adding up pearls or other hair accessories with a half-circle veni is the go-to style one could opt for if looking for the traditional outlook. This is one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony.

21. Chic tail with a flower tie:


This two-strand braid brings out the elegance and is better suited for ethnic dresses. The addition of a tightly knotted flower, wrapped like the rubberband, gives stunning results, and this hairstyle suits any hair type.

22. The multi-style braid:


The multi-style braid is the most incredible style that one could try. The multi-style braid is the fusion of various braiding techniques in one braid. This modernized plait gives a fab look and acts as a fashion-forwarding look. This is one of the best hairstyles for an engagement ceremony.


This article would have helped to choose the perfect and best hairstyle for the engagement ceremony if confused with the choices available. Many creative hairstyles are evolving these days. The entire outlook will only be complete if you choose the right hairstyle for the right outfit.

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