10 Best Party Makeup Ideas for Women



Makeup has been there for centuries in our culture, right from dressing up for special occasions to using makeup on a daily basis; it has played a vital role in the world economy too. 

But what is makeup?

Makeup has different meanings to different people. For some ladies, applying makeup only requires concealing under-eye bags with concealer. However, some women may believe that applying makeup involves several steps, involving foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and so forth. Others may like to spend five minutes or less on their cosmetic process, while some may spend an hour or more. 

Why are Professional Artists Important for your Party Makeup?

People occasionally find it challenging to comprehend how crucial makeup is for a specific occasion. It might be your big day or activities leading up to it, such as a cocktail party, Mehendi, bachelorette party, sangeet, etc. And since there are occasions when people wonder why they should pay a makeup artist rather than doing their own makeup for a party look or anything else, here is a key justification. You’re not a chef just because you cook at home, are you?

Professional makeup artists create a look using the science of facial anatomy, skin, and colour wheels, and believe it or not, this is a very challenging process. Not to add the thousands of rupees worth of makeup and tools they carry. To master the art takes years, if not ages. If you think your friend can do your makeup unless she is a professional, how well can your friend take care of her face? she does a great job? Congratulations! But it’s not always possible to ace the same look on your face too. So here are a few looks for you to choose from for a party regardless of who does the makeup on you, your friend or makeup professional. 

10 Best Party Makeup Ideas

1. Classic smokey eyes


This is a classic makeup that never gets old. Smokey eyes became a sensation in the later years of fashion world that it suits both funky party makeup and subtle makeup moments depending on your occasion and outfits. 

When in doubt, smoke it out. If you’re looking for a pretty party look, a smoky eye is always a good choice. You can use the famous kendal Jenner’s smokey eye makeup as an inspiration. 

2. Shimmery eyes


Is it possible to have too much shimmer? No, not at all, certainly not for a party look.  Shimmery eyes are the best for an ideal party makeup look, and they won’t let you down, either. You don’t need to guess second wearing glittery eyes; instead, we advise you to do it because why not glam up to your best and be the sun in the party solar system? 

3. Glitter lips


One of the most underestimated makeup trends that not everyone likes is this one.

The glitter lip trend is one that we absolutely adore, and it instantly elevates your overall appearance when used with a graphic cat eye. Draw a cat eye first (excellent advice for those with shaky hands here), then apply glitter over clear gloss or lip balm. And Boom, your Bomb look for the party is ready! 

4. All red- monochrome makeup


There are many ways to use a lipstick, you can use it on your lips, cheeks and even as a base for your bright eyeshadow. 

In the coming years, lip and cheek tints won’t lose their popularity because of their recent success. Ring it in style by using a lovely stain to match your lipstick to your blush. 

5. Bubblegum Pink Look


With the celebration season around the corner, everyone looks good wearing Bubblegum Lips Pink lipstick, and usually blue-toned baby pink is the perfect winter colour. It’s a lovely holiday look, doll-like in appearance, with white shadow and loads of mascara. This look is also famous because of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ video look giving you all barbie vibes.

6. Christmas Wine Lips


It’s time to step up the lipstick game when the holidays arrive. The simplest way to build drama is to go dark. Try using prestigious good darker shade lipsticks to make your favourite lipstick just a few shades darker if you still want to wear it. This will give you a stunning award-winning look, and you can walk your own ramp, and why not?

7. Winged bright liner


The pop of colour in your eyes is what makes the look most unique. You can choose colours like Royal Blue, and Emerald green to pop that cute eyes of yours. 

The season’s colours may be red and green, but cobalt blue looks incredibly stylish. To make your liner truly stand out, use this look while stacking. This definitely a Cannes-worthy party look that you should try this year. 

8. Red lips with gold rims


When you find the right red lip shade for your skin tone, there is nothing more regal than a hint of gold on a velvet red lip. Most ladies are reluctant to experiment with red solid lips because they worry that it might not look good on them. But this is untrue. Try using a gold lip liner to give that really dated look some extra oomph. Even if you are a random person on the list, everyone will be able to tell who the star of the event is if you wear it with a black outfit. 

9. Electric lips


Oh yes, we did say electric! Because people will feel electrocuted after seeing this fab look of yours. Do you know why?

Red lips are a reliable companion, but if you want to change up your holiday appearance, consider something a little more neon. For instance, you could experiment with coral, the newest lip colour for winter. 

10. Sequined wings on your eyelids


Last but not least, the super chic look for your party outfit. Sequins always win on every hardcore party look. You can get inspired by the mermaid tails and use unicorn shades and throw a little party on your eyelids.

Hacks and tips

Makeup tips for long-lasting makeup because a happy face always equals a happy you

  • Skin preparation is just as crucial as makeup application for makeup to last all day. Make sure your skin is moisturised and well-hydrated. If you have dry or worn-out skin,  you should occasionally apply a sheet mask before beginning. Before you begin your makeup, apply a face oil or moisturiser, an undereye cream, a lip balm or primer, and finally, a face primer. This will extend the wear of your cosmetics. As a suggestion,  freezing your face before you begin the skin preparation if you sweat a lot.
  • To seal the makeup, it is always advised to use a powder over a setting spray. This is due to the powder’s superior ability to lock in your makeup and make sure it lasts all day.
  • The secret is to use a flat brush and concealer to seal the borders of the lips before covering them with powder. Your lip colour won’t bleed if you do this. It is also highly recommended to create layers for long-term use. Lipstick should be applied after using a lip pencil to line and fill your lips (creamy or matte). Depending on your desired effect, apply a second coat of matte liquid lipstick or lip gloss on top. 


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Image source from Pinterest.