Top 39 Wedding Hairstyle Design in Chennai, India

Wedding Hairstyle Design in Chennai

Hair is a crown jewel for many and this goes without saying for all women and especially the brides to be. While there goes so much planning in making a wedding happen, more effort goes into grooming the bride. It is the day when she wants to look the best. Taming the mane is one essential part of prepping up for the big day and so, we have brought to you some ravishing and incredible Bridal Hairstyles. 

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39 Best Wedding Hairstyle Design in Chennai

1. The Simple Glow

The Simple Glow - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

The Simple Glow – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

With a simple foundation that accentuates the patterned prints you wear, you can never go wrong on your big day. This look seeks to amplify the natural beauty of the bride through minimal yet effective accessorization and makeup.



2. The Golden Aura

The Golden Aura - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

The Golden Aura – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

If your bridal ensemble includes gold accouterments, why not have your makeup complement that golden glow? With a touch of the right foundation and accessories, you can look as pristine as 24-carat gold itself on your wedding day.

3. Pristine Purity


Pristine Purity - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Pristine Purity – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Choose a makeup look that seamlessly blends with your bridal trousseau. Bring out the perfect bridal blush in you to look like a million bucks on your special day! 

4. Princess Glam


Princess Glam - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Princess Glam – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Look nothing short of royalty with bridal makeup that accentuates your features to perfection. Combined with the right jewellery, this look makes for a picture-perfect ensemble from every angle!


5. Eyeshadow Excellence

Eyeshadow Excellence - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Eyeshadow Excellence – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

The right eyeshadow hues can help you combat any kind of wedding blues! Get a fairytale look for a fairytale wedding with mesmerizing eyeshadow-based bridal makeup.


6. Light And Breezy


Light And Breezy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Light And Breezy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Minimal bridal makeup looks are the flavour of the season! Embrace the natural bridal aura with a simple yet stunning makeup look that brings out your smile and features in the best way!


7. Flawless Tresses


Flawless Tresses - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Flawless Tresses – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Opt for a traditional touch with the trademark jasmine flowers accentuating your bridal hairstyle. With lustrous tresses being set to perfection, your bridal look is sure to be the talk of the town.


8. Traditionally Timeless


Traditionally Timeless - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Traditionally Timeless – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Go with a traditional spin on contemporary bridal makeup with this ensemble. With a simple bindi and polished makeup to bring out your features, you’re sure to be the talk of the venue!


9. Effortless Elegance


Curly daisy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Curly daisy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

A polished and pristine look for your big day needs the perfect makeup to go along with it! Choose a prime shade of lipstick to perfectly round out the accessories you’re rocking.


10. Floral Fantasy


Floral Fantasy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Floral Fantasy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Radiate the pristine elegance of a marigold flower with the right makeup and accessories for your special day. Look like a picture-perfect bride from all angles with makeup and hair that radiates beauty!

11. Snow Sprinkle

Snow Sprinkle - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Snow Sprinkle – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

For a carefree and comfortable reception look, tie up your hair in a gorgeous bun adding some fun twists and braids. Deck them up with some beautiful flowers to give a fairytale-like look. Leave some loose ends on the front for a softer look.

12. The Pleasant Daisy

The pleasant daisy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

The pleasant daisy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

The pleasant and the calmer you look, the better you will feel on your wedding day. Choose mild tones that will compliment your skin color. Keeping the make up simple and subtle can boost your look.

13. Haze love

Haze love - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Haze love – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Why choose a regular shade when you can explore more? Add a misty touch up to your base and make it look more magical. Choose a haze coloured lens to give a dreamy look.

14. Spirited and Smoky 

Spirited and Smoky - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Spirited and Smoky – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Eyes speak. Let your spiritful eyes do the talking on your big. With smokey eyes and perfect lips, may you look adorning? 

15. Golden Glam 

Golden Glam - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Golden Glam – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Swirl down royally with the perfect bridal makeup that illuminates your lavish attire. With the radiant blush and glowy touch, you are sure going to make the groom blush. 

16. Flawless jasmine

Flawless jasmine - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Flawless jasmine – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

With a hinge of flawless flowers and beautiful hair accessories, that go along with your hair, look nothing short of a rapunzel on your perfect day.

17. Curly daisy

Curly daisy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Curly daisy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Why straighten your hair when you can flip your curls and twirl? With adorable flowers and wavy curls, look subtle and alluring on your important day. 

18. Enchanting and elegant 

Enchanting and elegant - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Enchanting and elegant – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Look elegant with the right amount of foundation that blends enchantingly on your skin. With your hair traditionally pinned with flowers, wear an eye-grabbing lip shade, never letting your smile fade. 

19. Glossy Princess

Glossy Princess - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Glossy Princess – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Tie your hair with a glossy clip and let loose the ends of your hair. Saving yourself some comfort on your reception and look like a cozy princess. 

20. Beautiful braids

Beautiful braids - Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Beautiful braids – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Braids are a comfortable hairstyle and who said you couldn’t wear a braid on your special day? 

Braid your hair in a beautiful way matching it with florals and shiny ornaments, looking like a dream.

21. Pleasant Orchid

Pleasant Orchid - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Pleasant Orchid – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Look pleasing and calm on your special day with the minimalistic look. Wear a subtle makeup and do your hair into a braid. Match it with sweet florals on your lehenga and look like an orchid. 

22. Floral bun

Floral bun - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Floral bun – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Tie your hair up in a messy bun and embellish it with flowers all around. Carry out this simple and elegant look for your perfect evening. 

23. Timeless and tranquil 

Timeless and tranquil - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Timeless and tranquil | Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Bun and side flowers are timeless hairstyles that continue to adorn brides timelessly. Wear your hair up in a bun with multiple braids tied to a knot. Embellish your hair with pleasant flowers looking tranquil on your dreamy day. 

24. Effortlessly beautiful 

Effortlessly beautiful - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Effortlessly beautiful – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Tie your hair up in a bun and let the side ends flow effortlessly. Match it with radiant jewels and look beautiful on your big day.

25. Sassy and breezy 

Sassy and breezy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Sassy and breezy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Tie your hair in a pony and match it with a shiny clip. Let the loose ends flow, giving your hair a breezy look. 

26. Rosy and cozy

Rosy and cosy - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Rosy and cosy – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Tie your hair in a cozy bun and cover it up with rose flowers giving your hair a vibrant look. 

27. Radiant braid

Radiant braid - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Radiant braid – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Braid your hair and match it with radiant hair accessories giving yourself a trendy and classy look. 

28. Subtle and pleasing

Subtle and pleasing - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Subtle and pleasing – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Wear a subtle makeup that blends with your eye-grabbing lehenga and distinct jewels, that makes your look pleasing and effortless. 

29. Regal Refinery

Regal Refinery - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Regal Refinery – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Every bride deserves to look like a queen on her wedding day. Look nothing short of flawless with the perfect accessorization and complementing makeup to bring out the best in you.

30. Braided Beauty

Braided Beauty - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Braided Beauty – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Showcase your tresses with the perfect gold accoutrements and be the cynosure of all eyes at your wedding! Though it’s a simple look, the scope for experimentation is vast.

31. Resplendent Radiance

Resplendent Radiance - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Resplendent Radiance – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Go minimal glam for your big day! This bridal trend has been rising through the ranks as a popular option lately. It’s quite low-maintenance too!

32. Bronzed Brilliance

Bronzed Brilliance - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Bronzed Brilliance – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

With a simple bronze aesthetic, your bridal look is perfectly rounded off for a memorable wedding day! The makeup’s hue palette, as well as the accessories, do their part in completing this look.

33. Simple Silver

Simple Silver - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Simple Silver – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Embody the purity of sacred matrimony with a dash of silver. This look can be perfectly rounded out with the finest silver jewelry in your trousseau. Make heads turn with this simple look!

34. Soulfully Scintillating

Soulfully Scintillating - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Soulfully Scintillating – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

When the bridal makeup is just right, it makes a world of difference in bringing out the best glow in you! Look like a million bucks with the perfect shine on your big day!

35. Fabulous Fuchsia

Fabulous Fuchsia - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Fabulous Fuchsia – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Why not experiment a little with a pronounced fuchsia vibe for your memorable day? From eyeshadow to jewellery, evoke a flawless aesthetic as a picture-perfect bride.

36. Electric Presence

Electric Presence - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Electric Presence – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Pristine yellow speaks volumes about your spunk. The epitome of casual style, go with yellow hues for a  truly effervescent look, along with the perfect accessories.

37. Scintillating Glow

Scintillating Glow - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Scintillating Glow – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Bring out the spark in your eyes with the ideal nuptial look. A simple makeup ensemble goes well with any article of clothing in your bridal trousseau. Experiment with the perfect bridal look today!

38. Bridal Beauty

Bridal Beauty - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Bridal Beauty – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Go full traditional with all the finery of a blissful wedding day. From hair to your eyes and neck, there’s something to accentuate your every feature. Witness the transformation into a blushing bride!

39. Ruby Radiance

Ruby Radiance - Bridal Hairstyle Designs

Ruby Radiance – Best Wedding Hairstyle Design

Red as a rose, get ready to mesmerize the crowd with a premium look for your wedding day. With the perfect blush and pronounced eyes, you’ll be the talk of the town for days to come!

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