5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides



A wedding is one of the most important and memorable days in a person’s life. As an Indian bride, you want to look your absolute best on that day, so it is important to get your bridal makeup right.


Pre-Wedding Grooming Tips for Bride-To-Be

Follow these steps as these factors help you to get glowing skin.

  • Eat healthily and avoid oil-content food.
  • Drink the required amount of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Use natural home-made products for skin brightening like gram flour, haldi, curd, papaya, and so on, according to your skin type.

Steps to be followed at least a minimum of three months before the wedding:

  • Minimum 3 seating of facials (as per your face and skin type).
  • Pedicure and manicure (it helps you to achieve even and smooth skin).
  • Take a hair spa.

Did you know that swatching the foundation on the wrist and hand to find the perfect shade is the biggest myth among women.

5 Bridal Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

1. For Face


When it comes to bridal makeup, the focus is always on the face. After all, the face is what people will see first, and it is important to ensure it looks its best. Choosing the right foundation, concealer, and powder is the most important aspect.


  • It is essential to choose a foundation that complements your skin tone. The last thing you want is your foundation to be too light or dark. 
  • Make sure that your foundation is blended evenly. Also, always cleanse the face and use the primer before starting the makeup process.
  • Applying the foundation in the neck area too, so that you get the look of even skin tone.

Concealer and blush

  • Select a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the color of your skin tone. Apply the concealer in a triangular shape under your eyes and blend it outwards. 
  • You can also use concealer to hide any blemishes or imperfections on your skin. Make sure to blend the concealer well, so there are no visible lines or streaks.
  • The key to selecting the right blush is to analyze your skin tone instead of the blush’s tint. Neutral, cool, and warm are the three basic tones, and choosing the tone is vital.


  • After you have applied both foundation and concealer, it is time to set everything with powder. 
  • Use a translucent powder that matches your skin tone and lightly dust it all over your face to achieve a flawless finish.


2. For Lips


When it comes to bridal makeup in India, Most Indian brides often go for bold and vibrant lip colors. Here are a few tips for defining your lips using various colors.

Choose the right shade of lipstick

  • Choose a lip color that will complement your overall look, depending on your skin tone. If you have fair skin, opt for nude or light pink shades.
  • For medium skin tones, go for mauve or berry hues. And if you have dark skin, try deep red or plum colors.

Prep your lips

  • Before applying any lipstick, make sure to prep your lips first. This will help the color last longer and prevent it from feathering. 
  • Start by exfoliating your lips with a sugar scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. Then use a hydrating lip balm or cream to keep your lips moist and plump.

Line and fill in your lips

To avoid smudging, use a lip liner matching your chosen lipstick shade. Line your lips following their natural shape and then fill them in. Finish off by applying the lipstick directly on top.

Set with powder

After applying the lipstick, dust some translucent powder on your lips using a brush or cotton ball. This will help set the color and prevent it from smudging onto teeth or skin.


3. For Hair


  • Hair is just as important as the makeup itself when it comes to bridal makeup. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect look for your big day:
  • Start with clean, healthy hair. This will ensure that your hair looks its best and can hold up to any styling you want. 
  • If you plan on leaving your hair down or open, consider adding some curl or wave to add dimension and interest. 
  • Updos are always a classic choice for weddings; don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. A messy bun can be just as beautiful as a more traditional updo.
  • Remember your accessories. A pretty headpiece, Veni, or veil can complete your look.
  • Also, try the hairstyle before the big day to know exactly how it should look and feel.


4. For Eyes


Makeup artists say that the right mix of products and application techniques can make your eyes look wider, brighter and more awake on your wedding day.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when doing your eye makeup or working with a makeup artist:

Prep your eyelids

  • Before applying any eyeshadow or liner, use an eye primer or the base to create a smooth and even finish. 
  • This will help your eyeshadow last longer and get an even finish.

Choose the right eyeshadow shades

  • When selecting eyeshadow colors, choose whatever complements your eye color and skin tone. 
  • If you have blue eyes, a neutral shade like brown can help make them pop. For green eyes, copper or plum tones will be flattering. And if you have brown or black eyes, any shade goes well.

Go for a smokey- eye look

  • Smokey eyes are always popular for weddings, as they can make your eyes highlighted and give a dramatic effect. 
  • Add plenty of mascara and eyeliner to complete the smokey-eye look.


5. Flawless Finish


  • Always set your makeup with a makeup setting spray or a makeup fixer.
  • Apply foundation or powder to your front neck, back neck, hands, and feet to achieve an even skin tone.
  • The most important point to remember is to always go for the makeup that matches your outfit.
  • Always use waterproof makeup, considering the rituals that go on for a long time and the Indian climate. Using waterproof makeup helps retain the makeup for a long time without smudging because of sweat or other reasons.

Did you know that sugar is one of the best natural products that act as a great scrub and exfoliator for skin and lips.

Do you wonder why you should know this?

When we think of marriage, the first thing that comes to mind is the well-groomed bride and groom. The bride gets more pressure to look flawless at her wedding than the groom. 

It must not be out of compulsion or without interest. Instead, one should do it out of interest. 

In this era, we tend to hire professionals, and we sometimes need to look at what sort of makeup they have done for us. 

But it might be challenging to know all the nuances. This blog would have made your work much easier and helped you to be well-informed. So always feel free to ask your makeup artist to do so if they ever forget or skip to do any of the steps of makeup.

Embrace your Beauty

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From choosing the perfect base foundation shade to adding a pop of color with eyeshadow, you can uplift your entire look by choosing the right shade. Always remember not to hesitate to try a new style or look to achieve a trendy look. 

These are a few bridal makeup tips for Indian brides. Follow these tips to get a flawless and gorgeous look on your special day and steal the show.


1. What is important for bridal makeup?
The most important aspect of bridal makeup is to choose the right shade according to skin tone. It is the key and the most important step in bridal makeup.

2. Should the hair be done first or the makeup?
One should always do the hair first and then move to the makeup. This is because your forehead will be clear without the hair strands, so you can even have makeup.

3. How to get flawless skin on the wedding day?
It is always important to start your skin routine at least three months after your wedding. Everything must be done with a minimum of three seatings, from exfoliating to the facial. Thus you can achieve flawless skin.

4. What do most brides forget while doing bridal makeup?
In most cases, the brides tend to forget the accessories and match them with what they have. But the accessories are the most important ones that complement the outfit and the makeup.

5. How to remove makeup and get ready for the next event of the wedding?
During the wedding time, we tend to apply more makeup, and removing it becomes a herculean task. The makeup can be removed easily with the use of coconut oil and with micellar water.