50 Cool Hairstyles For Men In Chennai

50 cool hairstyle for men's

Hey Men! Life is too short to have boring hairstyle. In today’s busy life, a bad hairdo is the last thing you should be worrying about. We at Wink Salon have helped transform many Bad Hair Days to Hairstyles that can make many heads turn. Still not convinced enough? We’ll let our work talk for itself.

Here are 50 cool hairstyles for Men

#1 The Pompadour in combination with the high faded cut gives you the best of both the worlds, something that can be pulled off as a great look altogether.

#2 A Man Bun with short fades is not a bad idea at all, as this brings the coolness in your personality like nothing else. Rock this style and showcase the red-hot look that it is.

#3 Short hair is a great relief in summer. Low on maintenance, but high on relaxation and style.

Casual short hairstyle for this summer

#4 A slick side partition with high faded cuts to the left gives a good balance of party and an office look.

#5 Quite a popular hairstyle in the Chennai. Less maintenance, great look. Pair those with the side crop cuts and steal the show.

side croped Haircut for men

#6 This slicked black side, the faded partition is here to make a strong statement. A beard to go with just elevates the overall look to many new levels.

slicked back side Hairstyle

#7 Slick spikes with high fades go really well with a perfectly trimmed and shaped beard.

Slick spikes with high fades Hairstyle

#8 For people with long hair, here is a really great option to try. A burgundy hairdo with a man bun speaks class like nothing else.

A burgundy hairstyle for men

#9 This high fade Pomp is the best pick for anyone wanting to give their long hair a touch of style. Try it now!

High Fade Pomp Hairstyle

#10 A fade that goes on as a well-trimmed beard is the talk of the town and a great option to pair with for people with short hair.

Fade Haircut with well trimmed beard

#11 A handlebar moustache can never go wrong with any hair-do. And with a short hair Pompadour, it is just class on a different level.

Short Hair Pompadour for Handlebar Moustache

#12 Be the star of the show with short spikes and high fades and having a star literally cropped out to give an extra kick to the style.

Short spikes and high fade hairstyle with star cropped

#13 A comfortable style to sport in this Chennai summer. Short hair, faded side and a slicked partition coming together to give an overall balanced look.

Short hair, faded side haircut with slicked partition

#14 Low trimmed sides continuing evenly to a low trimmed beard with neat short spikes is a great choice to go for this summer.

short spikes haircut with low trimmed sides

#15 For people with long hair and a majestic beard, this slick style with trimmed sides and a dense beard is the best combination.

Trimmed sides Haircut for dense beard

#16 Forgot the usual burns, customized crops behind to lighten the tone and give a funky look can go a long way.

#17 Usual spikes may look good on any other day, but why not go green and sport a spike that is not everyone’s cup of tea?

Extraordinary spike Hairstyle

#18 A burnt style with the short sides is not your usual hairdo. Stand apart from the crowd with this cool option. Coz hey, maybe orange is the new black.

Cool burnt Hairstyle with short sides

#19 Give an extra kick to the usual short hair by adding a touch of crop fades of your liking at the back.

Crop fade haircut

#20 Fan of a moustache? Well then, don’t just stop there. Carve out a funky moustache on the back with some fades to go around it.

funky moustache on the back with some fades

#21 Get out of the usual crop and try the fades of different density to keep your style different on many levels.

fades of different density Hairstyle

#22 In a dilemma to go for a black or gold? Why not try both? A funky black look with a slice of gold in the middle can be a great combination.

A funky black look with a slice of gold

#23: While some crop fades can be conventional, some are outright funky and gives you a proper all-round style from front to back.

A funky look Hairstyle

#24 If you’re opting to not to cut down too much of your hair, then a medium cut is a very comfortable choice in this Chennai summer.

medium cut Hairstyle for this summer

#25 Unconventional colours are on the rise these days. And among those, blue is a very quirky look to try on. Be different, be amazing!

Cool funky Hairstyle

#26 There are no rules when it comes to choosing the right style for your back crop. A star sign in this case.

#27 For people with short hair, are you bored with the usual fades of horizontal lines? Go different and ask for something funky instead.

#28 Long hair is a great excuse to have a ponytail, which is not something everyone can pull off so elegantly.

A Different ponytail haircut

#29 Fan of slick sides and partition? Try this style that goes well along with a beard and has a great crop look to go with.

slick sides with partition hairstyle for men

#30 Spikes are a go-to preference in Chennai for people with short hair. Long spikes with short hair around is a great look to opt for this summer.  

Long spikes with short hair

#31 If you are creative enough, then you can turn a hairstyle into an art, and crops are the best canvas to flaunt it proudly.

Creative hairstyle for men

#32 Whatever be the style, a handlebar moustache adds to the beauty and is a perfect cherry on top!

perfect hairstyle for handlebar moustache

#33 Spikes are evergreen and can never go wrong. Make your hair stand to stand apart in the crowd.

Side flicked haircut for men

#34 This style is highly in demand by people with short hair. Comfortable to flaunt, comfortable to maintain.

Side flick simple haircut

#35 Show off your cool sides, by adding a coolers crop behind. A great option for people with short spikes.

Short spicks with cooler crop

#36 Side partition is one of those early trendsetters that is still in fashion. It’s easy to sport and is light on the head.

Simple side partition haircut for men

#37 A well-maintained moustache can add to the look no matter what hairdo you sport. A faded beard and short hair is a great look in this case.

short haircut for well maintained moustache

#38 Army look isn’t just a style, its an emotion. And a very comfortable one at that. Goes very well with light beards too.

#39 Shine in the crowd with a hairdo that is tailor-made just for that. Partition and high fades can do the right justice to this style.

Partition and high fade haircut

#40 Long spikes with partitioned fades with an added sprinkle of gold can turn out to be a great look.

Long spikes and partitioned haircut with added sprinkle of gold

#41 No look can be as relieving in the summer as an army look and no style can be as slaying as a thick beard to go along.

#42 Slick Pompadour with thick side partitions is the perfect way to achieve the classy look that people demand to get.

Slick Pompadour with thick side partitions

#43 Pompadour with high fades going smoothly down as a well-crafted beard paired with a couple of crop cuts gives a result that is drool worthy!

Pompadour with high fades haircut for men

#44 Short hair with high fades all around it with and a bold partition is a highly comfortable style to opt for this summer.

Short hair with high fades and bold partition

#45 A hue of blue to the well set slick hairstyle can give it the kick it needs to stand apart from the crowd.

#46 Mohawks can never go out of fashion, can they? Try the blunt Mohawk this season and slay the summer look.

Mohawk hairstyle for you

#47 This is something that won’t trouble you for working on your hair again and again. A Colourful mess is the new straight!

Multicolored hairstyle for men

#48 This crop fade hair designs gives a tinge of individuality that makes him stand apart in the crowd. The hairstyle also does the right justice to the tattoo too!

Crazy haircut for men

#49 Pompadour and high fade cuts in the front with abstract crops in the back can work really well in tandem.

Pompadour and high fade hairstyle for men

#50 Crop fades are a great option to opt for. Customize the way you like and rock any look of your choice.

Crop fades haircut for men

With so much to choose from, it must be hard to make up your mind. But there is something for everybody, walk in and let us treat you with a hairstyle that suits best to you!

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