50 Cool Hairstyles For Women in Chennai

50 Trendy Hairstyle

Hello Ladies, your hair is the biggest and prettiest ornament that you can wear, and making it look exactly how you want it to be can be bothering you sometimes. Not everyone has the same hair, so, not every hairstyle can match everyone.

But do not worry; we have curated some of the best looks we’ve provided to all the pretty ladies that walked into our doors.

Here is a list of 50 cool hairstyles for women:

#1. The short feather cut with a burgundy colouring is sure a stunner, which is peppy with a modern twist. Elegant and neat.

#2. This smooth layered bob-cut with uneven lengths is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that might suit anybody. A great option to sport this summer.

#3. Long hair can look really great if done right but are very hard to maintain. While an elegant Bob can give you the comfort and style that your hair deserves.

#4. This medium-cut pompadour is a stunning choice to opt for as it brings out the boldness and confidence from within.

#5. Shoulder-length cuts are a highly trending choice in Chennai. These sleek looking bob-cuts can give you the perfect look to rock your personal and the professional front.

#6. Wavy feather cut goes really well with a short set of hair. And an added tinge of red hue just elevates the look on many levels.

#7. A sleek looking straight cut with a side partition is a great option that goes well with any attire for any occasion.

#8. If you’re not planning to try anything fancy, then the shoulder-length bob with a uniform cut is a special summer edition. Simple and Gorgeous.

#9. If you have long hair and would like to embrace them, try a layer cut accompanied by some curls.

#10  Short hair paired with partitions and longs sideburns is a great option to opt for. Stylish and easy to maintain.

#11. Let your hair flow with this feathery and wavy look that looks great on medium hair. And if you feel like tying them up, have a crop fade to slay the office look too.

#12. Short hair and planning to get the Bob? Combine this with a dash of Burgundy to elevate the look to an even better option.

#13. A little unevenness adds an element of beauty to something as simple as a Bob cut. And if you still want to stand apart in the crowd, give it a blonde shade.

#14. Curls, layers and hair colour go really well together. Add a tinge of Auburn and slay the medium hair look.  

#15. Burgundy hue with a wavy style goes amazingly well with this radiant smile. Comfortable and Cute.

#16. Waves are evergreen and can go well with any hair length. And what can make this better is a dash of not just one, but multi-coloured streaks to go with.

#17. Normal feathered waves are a great option to go for, but the luscious bouncy curls are just a step ahead and would attract any eye from the crowd.

#18. High-feather cut is a hairstyle that goes well with official wears. Do them right, clip the bangs and you are ready for any meeting.

#19. The hairstyle for the next generation to make a bold statement. Just the same old feather cut with a dash of peacock colour hair ends.

#20. A popular hair choice for weddings and parties. The fringes on either side are accessory in themselves and the straight hair with curly ends tied in a bun gives the best of both the worlds.

#21. Neck length hair on one side and the shoulder length hair on the other side give a sassy look and an instant glam.

#22. A combination of natural hair on top and a funky one towards the end is a killer combination. Who said blue is the warmest colour? It is the coolest.

#23. Heavy curls along with an uneven feathered look are all set to make you a party star. Let your hair down and let the bouncy curls do the rest.

#24. There is no rule when it comes to picking a colour for your hair. Go green and rock this amazing shiny green look to stand apart in the crowd.

#25. Undercuts are always edgy and are a great companion to short bob cuts. This ensures that the style statement is maintained when the hair is tied, and when they’re free.

#26. Layers of pinkish hue is a great option to maintain a style statement and look cool at the same time. A great option for medium hair.

#27.  A short bob always goes well with an artistic undercut. Easy to maintain and a perfect option for summer.

#28. This chin layered bob cut with a side partition gives your hair the volume it needs and the sleek look to rock the party cut.

#29.  Long textured curls would look gorgeous on anyone. Brown is the most recommended hair colour that would go along well with layers.

#30. Confused between pinning your hair back and letting it flow? Then this pinned back style with twisted hairdo is the best option to let you enjoy both.

#31.  Straight, middle-parted hair would never lose its place among evergreen styles. With the shades going from black to brown in the end, pair it with cute undercut fades.

#32.  Long and lose feathers are a match to any outfit. You could do a high pony or a side braid, this style opens up multiple options.

#33. Naturally wavy hair opens up varieties of choices to choose from so try this partitioned and feathered look if you have something similar, and are looking for stylish options

#34. Tight braids on the sides, a twist on top, and the Mohawk look is the perfect formula for the new age party look.

#35.  High fades on the side with a sleek left partition is a rocking choice for short hair. Pair it up with some customized fades to spice things up.

#36. A short hair bob with different textures is a good look for office goers and moms. Curly, wavy and stylish.

#37. An even leveled bob with a neck length cut is a cute option that can act as a great look anywhere and anytime.

#38. The princess-look is inspiring to anyone with long hair that is thick and shiny and goes well with a pinne-up braid. It is one of those styles that never go out of fashion.  

#39. This side braided look would certainly stick out in any crowd. A great option to pair with long and luscious hair.

#40. The only thing that can elevate a Bob is a ravishing curly style. And a burgundy look by one side is just a cherry on top.

#41. Feather cut is a go-to hairstyle for people with long hair. This evergreen hairstyle can rock any time, any colour and anyone!

#42. Short bust level layer cuts are to die for. They look perfect if you have a naturally straight or wavy hair. Give yourself a modern look this summer.

#43. In this bustling city of Chennai this face-contouring shoulder-length style is perfect to make you look charming and confident.

#44. A great option for girls with long hair with sight waves formed naturally at the ends. Add streaks of blue to get that extra pinch of style.

#45.  This is bridal hairdo is a killer look for your next party and enough to turn heads in your direction. Goes very well with gowns.

#46. A bun can be a life-saver in this Chennai heat when it’s burning outside. And to ensure a stylish approach to that, have custom faded crops below it.

#47. Single side fade is not only limited to short hairs, but the style can slay with long hair too. Let the wavy side of your hair embrace the other side of your face.

#48. This short bob with a limited bang length is ideal to tackle anything that this Chennai summer might throw at you. Do a red highlighting to finish the perfect look

#49. The perfectly measured layer cut is one of the top styles on the list. The short bangs that fall in place gracefully give it a natural look for any occasion.

#50. Short hair or long. Doesn’t matter. Embrace your inner queen and rock a crown with some killer fades on one side and wavy hair on the other.

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