15 South Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas



It’s no secret that we’re enamoured with the beauty of bridal makeup. As South Indian brides elevate their appearances, it’s getting harder to distinguish the finest from the rest.

South Indian bridal makeup is especially noteworthy because, despite the inclusion of so many maximal components, such as the magnificent silk sarees, lavish gold jewellery, and fresh flowers, the makeup adds an overall balance to everything.

In light of this, we are providing you with a few south Indian bridal makeup trends that you wouldn’t want to overlook on your special day! Be prepared to fall in love with every bridal look as you scroll down and find gorgeous South Indian makeup inspiration.

Why is makeup important for brides at the wedding?

Generally speaking, bridal makeup is completely unique from other makeup looks. It must call for specialised knowledge as well as extra work. The bride must appear flawless. Therefore, having the greatest bridal makeup artist is crucial. The bride’s exquisite attractiveness can be enhanced by a skilled artist. They offer the naturally radiant skin in addition to the outstanding charm the bride requires on that particular day. Many beauty salons have a focus on bridal makeup. You ought to get in touch with the top salon and you will receive a range of amenities as well as exclusive wedding packages. These salons offer cosmetics services not just for your wedding day but also for your Mehendi, sangeet, engagement, and reception days. Additionally, the bride must dress nicely for each occasion. 

It takes professional makeup products that are of the highest calibre and longevity to create bridal makeup looks. You do not want to have makeup that is rubbing off and running down your face. All the problems will be resolved by qualified makeup artists, who will also produce a cosmetic look that is flawlessly blended and long-lasting. 

Now, let’s take a look at the 15 South Indian makeup ideas you should try for your wedding. 

15 South Indian Makeup Ideas Should Try

1. Effortless Elegance


This style is ideal for brides who prefer to keep things simple on their wedding day with only a thin line of eyeliner, one layer of mascara, defined pinkish nude lips, and neutral dewy makeup. She looks attractive and graceful at the same time when accessorised with dazzling Kundan jewellery.

You can choose softly shaded eyelids and an airbrushed bridal makeup look that looks lovely with a glossy pink lip if you wear a pastel pink wedding dress. The strong brows give the entire ensemble an excellent definition.

2. Multicoloured Eyeliner For Extra Drama


Infusing such colours in your makeup is a great idea if you want to add a burst of colour while wearing a neutral outfit to one of your occasions.

The rosy tones give the complete ensemble an amazing finishing touch.

We love this unique yet aesthetic eye makeup look for wedding revelries. The shades blend well with the hues of her lehenga and the glossy lips plus glimmering cheeks create a heavenly match for the noteworthy bridal eye makeup. 

3. Traditional yet Vibrant look


A dramatic makeup look for a luxurious wedding begs for dramatic contouring and defined eye colours. If you use silver glitter eyeshadow, it will highlight your stunning eyes while the prominent cheek and nose contours add to the glittery appearance.

Additionally, red and white bindis that are dotted above the eyebrows are a typical component of the wedding makeup look in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Calcutta, and some other regions of North India. This is one of the motivational makeup advice if you want to embrace the traditional vibes as well.

4. Drama and Royalty


With the right makeup, you may easily bring out your feminine side on your big day.  Glitter on the eyes, flushed cheeks, and a deep pink lip can add a vibrant touch.

If you want to create a classic, refined look for a grand royal wedding, try applying some black shadow to your glittering brown lids and pairing it with radiantly flushed cheeks and a glossy pink lips.

What better approach to get the same result than to add drama to your eye makeup? It’s a to-die-for appearance if you go for a bright pink and creamy eyeshadow combination with a floral lehenga.

5. Highlighted cheekbones and fully smudged eyes


Have you discovered the ideal bridal makeup look for your cocktail party? You can try completing your look with smoked-out eyes and carefully placed highlighter to increase the glam. 

The bridal makeup with pink lids that have just one side smokey will most wow you if a full-on smokey eye sounds too dramatic for you. The final appearance is nothing less than elegance and charm combined in one frame, complete with blush pink cheeks and flawlessly lined lips. 

6. Going Extravagant on lips


It’s true that when done properly, contouring can have the same effects as Botox. Here, a bride with improved facial features and a striking lip create a finished face that is overflowing with cosmetic artistry.

If you want to achieve the maximum look for your wedding, including your jewellery, lehenga, and HD bridal makeup. This Indian bridal makeup will look stunning when worn with glitter eyes, full lashes, a crimson lip, and a large bindi.

7. Red lips- the saviour


You’ll look completely retro-glam with soft eyes, a smooth base, and a brilliant, deep red lip. Your glittering golden attire will receive the much-needed vividness from red, and the colour will also add a searing warmth to the complete ensemble.

Red continues to be a go-to colour for many brides’ beauty looks even if matte nudes and neutral pinks have taken over the bridal lip colour scene. You may create a stunning nighttime wedding makeup look by combining a classic lip colour with a soft sheen on your cheeks and dramatic eyelashes. 

8. Typical south Indian bridal makeup


A bridal makeup style from South India that complements the bride’s silk saree and expensive jewellery. She looks really stunning in her opulent outfit, especially with the deep kohled eyes and the deep red lips.

A bride is the centre of attention as soon as she enters the ceremony area, thanks to her dewy face and glossy lips.

9. Soft nude bridal makeup


You can certainly use nude lipsticks if you want to elevate your natural wedding makeup. The finished face will look fabulously perfect with nude matte elements as the base and just a touch of kohl on your lash lines.

It’s always a classic to pair emphasised eyes with a nude lip and base makeup. If you’re looking for a gown style for your reception, along with puffy curls on the side just accentuates the attractiveness of the complete outfit.

10. Sharp contours and a glam vibe


A dramatic makeup look for a luxurious wedding begs for dramatic contouring and defined eye colours. Your amazing eyes will be able to take centre stage if you can use some silver glitter eyeshadow, and the thick cheek and nose contouring will add to the glittering vibe.

11. The supreme gloss period


Although matte is still a popular choice for bridal makeup these days, you can also try the gloss effect to stand out from the crowd of other brides. This method is effective for Christian wedding brides who want to improve their facial makeup while wearing all-white attire.

Alternately, you might choose to use metallic grey eyeshadows and a base with a pinkish glow. For a stunning sangeet entrance, pair with well-defined brows, shiny lips, and properly shaped brows.

12. The Deepika Padukone’s way


Smudged kohl eyes are a huge favourite of our Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone, who has used them on numerous occasions during her career. She chose to wear her go-to makeup look, which consists of smudged eyes, naked lips, and a dewy makeup base, even for her wedding. You should definitely try it if you enjoy wearing this eye makeup and are certain that you can pull it off.

13. Anushka sharma’s no-makeup wedding look


When Anushka & Virat shocked us with their ecstatic wedding photos in 2017, Anushka’s pale pink outfit stood out the most. The pastel wedding trend exploded after Sharma’s appearance, with many couples choosing the colour for their own special day. Her natural makeup also attracted notice in addition to the lehenga. To complement her lehenga, light blush tones were tastefully added to the base, eyes, and lips. The result was simply breathtaking. Brides still choose to go for this wedding look even four years after the look became a trend. 

14. The duchess’ way


Meghan Markle’s makeup received plenty of attention when she wed Prince Harry in 2018. The Duchess used very little makeup, almost to the point of radiantly expressing her own natural beauty. She has incredible skin, so it was essentially a safe decision. She merely used some radiant foundation, shell-pink lips, and fluffy lashes to highlight her skin. If you are a Christian bride and love minimal makeup on you, you should go for this look. 

15. Blush pink all the way

Given that pink is a lively colour and a favourite for Indian weddings, it seems to be a standard colour for brides’ makeup. Corals and a carefully chosen eyeshadow look are appropriate for a newlywed bride.

If you are looking for a pre-wedding ritual outfit to complete your summery Mehendi or haldi clothing look, use a basic, radiant makeup look filled with blush tones. Your Mehendi makeup look will be stunning, complete with luscious waves. 


The wedding is a significant event that ushers in a new sense of optimism and vivid recollections. Everyone desires for these memories to be treasured. This is a brand-new life that is filled with uncertainty. As a result, the starting point must be stunning. In such situations, brides are making an effort to enjoy the occasion by dressing beautifully. In addition to her accessories, jewellery, and shoes, she must look amazing. Are you trying to find a makeup artist for the wedding?  

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