Best Winter Makeup Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin


Put on Some Makeup and Pull yourself for a Glam Look

When opting for stunning glitter makeup, it is vital to keep certain things in mind, which our professional stylists will recommend. We sometimes believe that ‘Less is More’ in beauty. It’s incredible how you can keep things simple while still looking stunning! Still not convinced? After reading this article, you will never underestimate the power of glowing skin, natural eyes, and a warm matte lip colour again! We aim to give all the ladies a fabulous flaunting look as winter sets. Let’s dive deeper into the topic, to unravel some best winter tips for healthy and glowing skin.

Best Winter Makeup Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Hey beautiful, why do you look so worried? Take your fashion game a notch and get glowing and healthy skin this winter too. 

Are you a minimalist who likes to have a subtle, natural-looking face? Fret not; we have some fantastic winter tips to help you carry a subtle glam look and flaunt your exuberance. Let’s jump in.

1. Go Waterproof with your Makeup


This is one of the best winter tips to keep dryness at bay and have glowing skin. It is just not your wardrobes that need a transition; your skin and makeup routines also need to be tweaked to suit the winter conditions.

Dry, flaky skin is common during winters; however, it shouldn’t stop you from being your best version. Dewy base, rose pink blush, nude lipstick and matte foundation are the best winter makeup products.

 However, windy winds or snow can melt the makeup around the eyes and cause infection. However, wearing waterproof eyeliners and mascara can help to prevent the wind from flaunting your best version. 

If you want your winter makeup game to go a notch, you should use waterproof products from mascara to your lipstick. We’re sure you would not want the weather to ruin your Instagram-worthy pictures.

2. Use Tinted Lip Balm


Are your lips becoming pale? Lip balm is a necessary makeup staple during winter that helps to enhance softness and moisture and adds soothing benefits to your lips. The skin of your lips is very delicate, and it doesn’t take much to make your lips crack and dry out. 

A tinted lip balm does not provide colour but helps keep the lips nourished. A light layer of tinted lip balm applied before lipstick hydrates your lips and makes them appear smooth and supple.

3. Switch Up your Foundation


The entire purpose of applying powder to your face is to absorb excess oils from your skin. During the warmer months, these oils can be unwanted as our skin is well-hydrated and does not need additional oil. What if we tell you that you don’t have to apply foundation all over your face? Don’t be surprised. A multi-purpose concealer can save you! 

Go for liquid creams that don’t make your skin look flaky and dried.

Keep providing moisturising elements to your skin to make it look supple and hydrated. Our stylists recommend a foundation with a creamier base to give glowing, smooth skin. 

You can also add a liquid highlighter with a beauty blender sponge to give a nude glam look. Choose a liquid cream foundation or replace the foundation with BB or CC cream for a better look and coverage.

4. Don’t Skimp on Moisturiser

Your skin is prone to get dehydrated soon, leaving your skin dry and flaked. The solution is to keep your skin moisturised in the winter season. Want to achieve dewy, glowing skin? Then, don’t skip your moisturisers; spend extra time massaging your moisturiser before your makeup routine.

 You can easily incorporate moisture into your foundation routine. Before putting any makeup on your face, use a moisturising primer. It’s best to apply moisturiser after you get out of the shower. Because the skin has just been exposed to warm water, it is incredibly receptive to whatever we use. 

5. Don’t go Overboard with your Makeup

You can use lip tint or colour to dap into the cheekbones accentuating the natural wintry blush. Scrub your lips with tint or lip balms instead of a solid colour to give a minimalistic look. You can go with mascara and no eyeliner to give you a dewy french look. And if eyeliner is a must-have in your makeup routine, then you can keep it sleek to give a sharp, chic look.

6. Add Blush to the Look


Since we are talking bout rosy cheeks, we assume you’ve taken care of your other makeup routine products like eyeliner, mascara and many more. Exfoliating your skin is highly important to make your cheeks glow naturally. Dead skin cells frequently dull the skin’s colour, making it appear dull and drab. Exfoliation regularly aids in the removal of dead cells and dust. Flushed cheeks are genuinely an iconic makeup winter makeup look.

7. Try Exciting Colours


Add vibrance to your winter look and ace your winter makeup game. Try to opt for pink flushed cheeks with several lipsticks comprising cherry red lipstick and bright berry lipstick. Deep-coloured lips and winter makeup are matches made in heaven. Shades like coral red lipstick, with rich tones of berries, can fire up your winter makeup mood. Add smokey eyes, as this classic adds the perfect touch of sultry to any look. You can also use a matte brown eyeshadow to smoke out your lash line.

Key takeaways

  • Prep your skin with moisturiser before your makeup routine. It is vital to carry waterproof makeup products. 
  • Stay away from powdery products. Keep your skin hydrated with liquid creams. 
  • Keep winter makeup light and subtle. Bear in mind to add moisturiser to your foundation. 
  • Add some colour to the cheeks to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Look Flawless with Wink

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Wrapping Up

We hope the above-listed pointers gave you valuable insights on several winter makeup trends and tips to follow to get healthy glowing skin. Our salon offers a complete makeover, making you stand out among others. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment at our salon, and amp up your style game. 


1. How can I glow my skin during the winter season?

Follow the above-listed steps to get healthy glowing skin. It is vital to keep your skin hydrated with a moisturiser before you kickstart your makeup routine. Use liquid creams and foundations to give you a subtle glam look during the winter. 

2. How can I keep my lips healthy during winter?

The best way to keep lips healthy and hydrated is to use lip balms before applying makeup. It is vital to stay hydrated and ensure you keep your skin healthy. 

3. Which activities should I avoid during the winter to get healthy skin?

Avoid taking hot showers; however, warm baths can be soothing and relaxing on your skin pigments. Moisturiser is a must; however, try to avoid powdery products, which cause more damage than care. Avoid junk, and implement a good diet plan.