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What is your ideal budget?

Extra charges applicable for bridal makeup done outside our salon


Packages for bridal makeup begin at Rs.19,500.

Samantha's bridal makeup services begin at Rs.50,000.

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FAQs for Bridal Makeup Services by Wink Salon border

How much does it cost for bridal makeup in Chennai?

Bridal makeup packages across Chennai vary in pricing from salon to salon. At WINK Salon, bridal makeup packages start at Rs. 15,000 for seniors & Rs.50,000 for Samantha Jagan.

Should I do airbrush makeup for my wedding?

Airbrush makeup lends itself towards giving you that flawless skin and bridal glow on your special day. If it suits your overall look, do give it a try!

Which is better, HD makeup or airbrush?

The two techniques' effectiveness depends on your bridal ensemble. Airbrush makeup lasts longer, while HD makeup accentuates your facial features better. Choose accordingly.

When should I schedule a trial for bridal makeup in Chennai?

Ideally, you should schedule a bridal makeup trial in Chennai at least a few weeks before the big day. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today, we'll call back ASAP!

How to choose the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai?

Take a closer look at their portfolio for high-profile clients. It's a seal of approval for their prowess. WINK Salon’s Samantha Jagan is one such renowned bridal makeup expert in Chennai.

How much time will it take to do makeup for a bride?

A full bridal makeup session usually takes a few hours. If you haven't opted for a trial session, then it could take longer. Book a trial session now and save valuable time!

How to choose the best beauty salon in Chennai for bridal makeup?

For the best bridal makeup in Chennai, go with established brands having a proven track record. WINK Salon is one such salon that is well-known for prime service in the Chennai circuit.

What would be the cost of the overall package (marriage, reception, and engagement)?

WINK Salon’s bridal makeup services are charged on a per session basis, non-inclusive of outdoor/outstation charges. Billing will be based on the number of makeup sessions.

How to find which salon provides the best bridal makeup services in Chennai?

A little research into a salon's customer feedback will help you pick out the best bridal makeup services in Chennai. WINK Salon also provides pre-bridal services to prep the bride’s skin before the big day, setting it apart as a premium salon.

How do I choose the best beautician in Chennai for bridal makeup?

Ask people in the field and those who are knowledgeable about the best beauticians in Chennai. Samantha Jagan is a renowned beautician in Chennai who handles celebrity clients.

Is there an extra fee for the bridal makeup done by beauticians in Chennai, at the marriage hall?

Yes, most salons (including WINK Salon) will charge extra for bridal makeup done by beauticians away from the salon itself. The extra charge will vary depending on factors like traveling distance.

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