When people think of facials, most individuals usually picture a standard face cleanup in a beauty parlour. WINK’s facials raise the bar a notch higher than that, specifically curated to provide our clients with a premium experience that refreshes every pore of their face. The central purpose of our facials is to provide a refreshing experience for every individual, taking into careful account the specific preferences of each and every client. Our staff are expertly trained to provide best-in-class facials, providing you with a completely rejuvenating experience. Explore our range of facials because they’re definitely more than mundane face cleanups in beauty parlours!

The Luxury Collection

Pure Glow Facial (30 minutes)

A Luxurious facial that restores a healthy skin PH balance, removes tan and exfoliates your skin, leaving it glowing with freshness.

Instaclear Facial (45 minutes)

A unique skin-balancing treatment that eliminates skin impurities. controls acne and regulates secretion from sebaceous glands.

Aquatherm Skin Recovery Facial (50 minutes)

A specially designed oxygen facial that uses thermal water to soothe and revive sensitive & reactive skin.

Vita Radiance Facial (60 minutes)

A facial treatment with the highest concentration of Vitamin C for fresh and radiant skin.

Sunshine Glow Facial (60 minutes)

A special de-pigmenting, skin refining and whitening facial.

Age Reversing Facial

Discover the magical secret of growing younger by the day.

The Indulgence Collection

Facial Cleanup
Purifying Facial

This facial combines concentrated tea tree oil, healing essential oils, glycolic and salicylic acids to care for oily, blemished and problematic skin. It helps to control oil secretion, absorbs impurities and exfoliates, soothes and balances your skin. It Includes a deep-pore cleanse and a clarifying cooling mask which refresh your skin and restore a clear, even complexion.

Cherry Berry Facial

This facial is recommended for all skin types, especially dull and tired skin. This oxygenated facial combines the goodness of cherry & gooseberry extracts, delivering a vitamin boost to your skin, leaving it radiantly beautiful.

Crystal Facial

This is a highly-effective double exfoliation facial that uses semi-precious ruby and sapphire crystals to refine your skin. It also includes a glycolic and salicylic peel & a detoxifying oxygenated mask that reveal a smooth, soft complexion with a healthy glow.

Insta Fresh Facial

A revitalizing facial that tones your skin and leaves it glowing with freshness.

Whitening Plus Facial (50 minutes)

This is a hydroquinone-free skin brightening facial that helps to control hyper pigmentation due to sun-damage. ageing & acne scarring. The Whitening Plus Facial results in an even-toned. healthy and radiant complexion.

Anti-ageing Facial

This is a highly-effective restructuring facial which addresses your anti-ageing concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles and the loss of skin tone. It combines highly-concentrated active Ingredients, Including collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides to help reduce the signs of ageing. A special toning massage, smoothing anti-wrinkle serums & a lifting mask restore your facial contours to create a more youthful appearance.

Hydra Advanced Facial (6O minutes)

This is a replenishing and hydrating treatment which refreshes dehydrated skin. A combination of hyaluronic acid and patented boletus extract reactivates natural hydration levels to reveal a more youthful complexion. Moisturizing serums. an ultra-nourishing massage cream and an enveloping mask restore natural softness and suppleness to your skin.